Jolly Holly and Another Adventure

In my Trawler Trash series of books, Holly is a character. Guess what? She’s a real person. Cool rasta hippie chick sailor girl. She’s about to set off to cruise the world on her sailboat. Bahamas, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Pacific Ocean, Australia and who knows!

This is her trailer from her new Youtube channel. It’s awesome. You really need to watch this:



7 Year Itch? (Thought About a New Boat)

Don’t tell Miss Leap! Recently we discovered a boat that we didn’t know existed. We looked at the pictures. We thought about it. We both agreed we loved it.

Only twelve of these boats were ever made, four per year in the late eighties. Kadey Krogen makes some of the finest yachts ever built. We were intrigued by the unique layout and design of the 42′ Silhouette. The exterior lines are ungainly and awkward, as are many of the Krogen designs. The interior and fly bridge worked for us.



Hydraulically operated fold-down transom.



The bridge.




Also on the fly bridge. Air conditioned.



The salon



The galley



The V-berth



One of two heads



The master stateroom, which is in the back of the boat, opening onto the aft deck. There is a side door to the salon.


We are in a position, where if we sold Leap of Faith, we could buy this fine vessel. It would be a huge improvement in living conditions in many ways. We talked and talked. I called the broker.


In the end, we couldn’t do it. We wouldn’t even discuss it on the boat, so that she wouldn’t hear us. We love Miss Leap. We aren’t ready to part with her.

The boat that we considered is newer, much bigger, has twin engines, a bow thruster, and an onboard generator. It has a King-sized bed! It’s a Kadey-Krogen. It would be a huge step up for us in the boating world. Our old trawler simply can’t compare.

But we aren’t doing to do it. At least I think not . . . . . . .

Meanwhile, we’ll be hauling out for new bottom paint next week. We won’t be doing it ourselves this time, which is also a step up for us. We’ve been paying penance to Leap of  Faith by paying lots of attention to her. Multiple projects are ongoing to make her the best that she can be.


Long Live Leap of Faith! 

Sail On – Jamie Brown


On that day, we welcomed Jamie and Char to Pelican Bay. On this day, we wave goodbye to our dear friend Jamie Brown.

There are people in this world that touch your heart. Jamie touched the hearts of so many here in SW Florida. He was our best friend and traveling companion for many years. We made some great memories, sitting on a sandbar drinking beers and telling stories.

We lost count of the multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments he went through, but through it all, he lived life on his own terms. His boat was his freedom. His lifestyle was his escape from all the dramas of modern life.


His best “Grumpy Cat” impersonation. Somehow, Jamie made people happy just by his presence. He was a friendly guy, and he gave his friendship freely to anyone and everyone he encountered.


Our world was certainly a better place with him in it.



Kim and I were able to visit with him this week. I got the chance to tell him that I loved him. He said, “I love you too”. He was not in pain and his passing was peaceful. God bless his gal Char for being there for him. She’s been through a lot over the past few years. I have to give her great credit for being a steadfast caretaker.


We will miss seeing Bay Dreamer anchored nearby. We will miss our friend.

Sail on Jamie. We love you.

Six Years In!



Hard to believe it’s been six years since we purchased our boat. Once we left our first marina, we spent several years living exclusively at anchor or on a mooring ball. After many adventures, we’ve come full circle and are resting in a marina again.

We’ve thoroughly explored Southwest Florida and the Keys. We even made it to the Bahamas this past spring.



Our past two winters have been spent in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida. We stayed a few months at Laishley Park Marina in Punta Gorda. Now we are at Palm Island Marina, in Cape Haze, Florida. Our Bahamas trip was almost 1200 miles round trip! The old boat has some hours on her now, but she’s been steadfast. We’ve got no regrets.

For those of you contemplating the liveaboard lifestyle, all I can say is go for it. The good days far outnumber the bad.

Cheers, to six years.

Too Many Marina Fires Recently

It seems I read about another marina/boat fire almost weekly. The cause is almost always the shore power cord, mostly at the boat connection, but sometimes on the power pedestal. I know at least a half-dozen friends who have their shore cord melt. In one case, it caught fire but was extinguished quickly.

Check your shore power cord or cords often. 

Feel for heat. Unplug them. Look for burn marks or melting.

Pets dead, boats razed in North Fort Myers marina fire


Cause of marina fire that destroyed 12 to 15 boats unclear


Shelter Bay Marina fire


A quick Google search reveals dozens more incidents.




This happens in the summer when A/C units overload the system. This happens in the winter when electric heaters overload the system. My personal observation is that newer Marinco cords are often the culprit, but so is the boat owners overuse of their product. A 30 amp cord can easily be overloaded by multiple thermostat controlled appliances, such as a water heater and electric heater running at the same time. Sometimes the connections aren’t tight enough or secured properly. Fortunately, most often the cord melts and fails before causing a fire.


It can happen at either end.



I’ve read that using di-electric grease on the connections helps. I know that making sure the connections are tight and secure helps. Do me a favor, check yours when you have the heat on. Check them when the A/C is on. Be aware of the load you are placing on the cord(s).

Ultimately, I think I’ll switch to the Smart Plug System someday.


Have you heard about a boat fire near you? Did you check your cord?

Be safe, and Happy Holidays.